shift from DECADES OF SELF-DOUBT AND ANXIETY TO abundance, and self-actualisation

 Let’s Turn Your Dreams of an Extraordinary Life into a Reality, Together.  

trusted confidante |  creative muse | EXECUTIVE INTUITIVE ADVISOR


Clear the childhood wounds and trauma that had you doubting yourself. Recharge and reinvent


Discover your true self, and navigate your spiritual journey in a safe, supportive environment


Materialize your goals faster and more powerfully than perhaps you ever thought possible.


who i help

Perhaps you’ve seen it yourself: high-profile executives and multimillionaires grappling with critical decisions and seeking guidance face immense challenges.

The stakes? Astronomically high.

A single misstep could cost millions or jeopardize their entire company. Not only that, they also must maintain a public image of invincibility and strength.

But behind closed doors, when self-doubt creeps in or when crucial decisions loom, they need expert advice they can trust implicitly. 

For these leaders, a trusted intuitive adviser, connected to their soul, becomes essential to maintain emotional balance and make swift, crucial decisions.

They need someone who can support them through any situation, ensuring they remain on their path, without faltering in their mission or energy.

This need for high vibrational guidance attracts them to advisers like me.

As an executive intuitive adviser, I specialize in helping high-performance leaders break through barriers, reconnect with their inner strength, and reawaken their warrior spirit.

Clients typically experience transformative shifts:

  1. From identity crises to overflowing with purpose.
  2. From self-doubt to unshakeable confidence.
  3. From stress to calm resilience, even amidst chaos.
  4. From struggles to rapid, significant victories.
  5. From disconnection to being guided by intuition.
  6. From feeling trapped to achieving the freedom they’ve dreamed of.

why me?



Clients often say that I know them better than they know themselves being able to articulate what they’re thinking, when they can’t put words to it themselves. They often refer to me as their soul’s GPS Navigation System.


precision psychic guidance

I don’t do one-off sessions however my predictions for my retainer clients have helped them make millions.


high level, intensive energetic support

I align myself with your energy field, and help raise your vibrational frequency and lock it in so you can


unshakeable self-belief

Clients often come to me doubting themselves. After as little as just one session they walk away believing they can create miracles. And they often do.


miraculous results

Whether it’s my field, a placebo, or something else, clients consistently experience magical results often within hours of speaking with me.  You can read some examples here.

Client Reviews

I came to Nyree because I knew she could hold big leader energy. Most coaches cannot, and I found myself dissatisfied with their inability to truly lead me, speak the truth I needed to hear, and hold me to my own standards without apology.
Nyree has changed my life in ways I am still discovering.  Veils lifted. Resistance surfaced..  Deep wounds cleared and an evolutionary jump start for my souls next experience in expression.
Nyree is a ‘freak of nature’. She has this rare and very unique ability to help people work through their blocks and transform their self-image at the speed of light, miraculous results seem to unfold for her clients as a result of that.
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