what people say 

she can open a portal and hold a frequency that allows you to do the discovering.

“I have worked with Nyree both personally and professionally, and I can honestly say she has one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever witnessed. 

Nyree’s ability to lock into energy can be hard to put into words, because the experience takes you out of your mind and on an adventure in frequencies.  Imagine listening to an incredibly detailed guided meditation complete with binaural beats – now take out all words and sound – but still experiencing vivid imagery, like you are in a dream.

That is what it feels like.  I have met pieces of myself that have informed me of who I truly am, as well as the pieces of me that required the most healing. From these experiences I have learned what my soul truly longs for in order to feel free of  limitations.  I strongly recommend Nyree’s services to those who long to be taken on a Soul Journey, and wish to be both the guide and tourist. 

Nyree’s gift allows you to walk in your power of self-discovery without being told who you are, because she can open a portal and hold a frequency that allows you to do the discovering.  If you have not had a session with Nyree before do yourself a favor and book when she’s next available.  It will be a highly memorable experience for you.”

Therese Tucker – Spirit Alchemist

strip away the bullshit

What I love and respect about Nyree’s work is that she aims to strip away the bullshit and get to the core of things- as quickly as possible. She’s not interested in giving you false promises, simply because she wants to make you feel better. Her goal is to help you shift- plain and simple.

Nyree is always looking to expand herself and the content she offers. This is an invaluable trait for any coach or guide- they should always be doing their own work, and she is. “

Todd Savvas – Celebrity Psychic

“it’s the energy of who she is that reminds you of who you really are.”

 Nyree is unique, it’s not just what she says or what she guides you to do that helps you transform your life, it’s the energy of who she is that reminds you of who you really are. She operates at such a high level vibration that working with her, being around her energy, raises your own vibration to levels to open up more spiritually, which is the key to changing everything else in our human lives. If you want more money, more love, better health, connection, anything, the answer lies in how quickly and easily you can raise your vibration to be at the same level as what you want, for it to come in, and how long you can hold that vibration for.
Nyree is the guide you work with when you want to master this awakening and ascension thing. When you truly want to transcend your human limitations and challenges and be able to approach life with pure consciousness, awareness and freedom.

Rach Wilson – Source 4 Shift 

“rare and unique ability”

“Nyree is a ‘freak of nature’. She has this rare and very unique ability to help people work through their blocks and transform their self-image at the speed of light, miraculous results seem to unfold for her clients as a result of that. She is also incredibly telepathic and clairvoyant with the ability to articulate what is really going on for people inside .. knowing them better than they know themselves. Not only that, the energy work she does delivers massive shifts too. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the incredible life-changing results she’s delivered for many high performing entrepreneurs and I”m continually amazed at what unfolds for people”

Kristina – Author/Direct Response Marketing, Productisation & Influence Strategist.

An oracle that is your secret weapon

Nyree is an oracle that is your secret weapon. She just ‘knows’ stuff. She can read energy and help bring clarity to your life. Nyree is straight forward and tell it like it is, which is just how I like to hear things.

She’s a go-getter herself and has overcome so much adversity to create a loving, safe, abundant life for herself and her family. A support person can only take you as far as they have been willing to walk to create change themselves.

Nyree walks the walk. She doesn’t let life get in her way and is solution focused. She’s a big thinker. I’m grateful to have her in my corner!

Kerry Kaplan Norley – Wealth Coach

Exceptional executive & leadership coach

I came to Nyree because I knew she could hold big leader energy. Most coaches cannot, and I found myself dissatisfied with their inability to truly lead me, speak the truth I needed to hear, and hold me to my own standards without apology.

I was navigating challenging issues with my team, and Nyree’s coaching helped me “right the ship” and even identified a promising up and coming leader to promote that allowed my business to expand and take on more clients and serve more people without my direct efforts.

Nyree also identified an incredible new multimillion dollar new business venture opportunity I didn’t see, helped me bring on investors, and envision an opportunity for my brand to have a much greater impact and innovation beyond my current market that I never would have seen without her. She is an exceptional leadership and executive coach and I recommend her without reservation.

Lorna Gabriel – Luxe Godhead

“nyree is always my shining star in the darkness of the night”

 Aurelio Costarells – Celebrity Fashion Designer


No words really share the gift that this experiences offers to one’s life.


Nyree has changed my life in ways I am still discovering.  Veils lifted. Resistance surfaced..  Deep wounds cleared and an evolutionary jump start for my souls next experience in expression.

So much love, honour, trust and support has shown me, how much I am here for myself and how worthy I am to be love and be loved and how safe it is to be me.

This past month has been life changing. I am deep gratitude and love for this experience. If you are ready to connect to the deep love that is within you and face that which rises for you to love and accept. 

Please know you will feel so loved and honoured through this process held in such a safe a sacred space, that you will feel eternally changed as you embrace you.

Thank you Nyree for the unconditional love, sacred space and honest support. You’ve touched my heart and soul in ways that are still unfolding.. No words really share the gift that this experiences offers to ones life. It is divine and only through the experience will you know what I mean.

Blessings to all whom are willing to be open this as you receive the greatest gift of all… yourself… 

Michelle -Spiritual Artist – Australia  

more Client Reviews

I was in a dark place when I reached out to Nyree, I had tried so many methods and medicine but still had no breakthrough. Nyree for me was the Mirror Queen, she stood by me in pure love while I carried on about what I saw in the mirror, she then told me to turn the mirror around and told me to look again. I finally took the step, went through the mirror and uncovered what was always there. I didn’t need a breakthrough, I just need to step back into my everything. Jodi
I continually cherish and welcome her phenomenal guidance, which resonates as a powerful confluence of empathetic support and transformative healing. Nyree is not just talented; she is simply the best. -Sharon 

If you are consciously on the path of awakening or ascension and have a strong internal desire to accelerate and reach even more expansion, alignment, connection to Source and to be living your divine life path and purpose – then having a guide who is anchored in the energy vibration of Source, is who you want to be in the presence of and learning from. Nyree-Aine has been through the journey and lives her truth grounded down to be in service to you. The mentoring program with Nyree-Aine is life changing.

Nikki Melnacis, Cairns